This is more of an update, I didn’t want readers to think I fell off the map. Although I have been a slightly off the grid. I just started seeing my therapist, we’ve had 4 sessions now. I really have to say it’s already helping. I am able to live in the present, ways to diffuse toxic situations, stopping intrusive thoughts, and most importantly helping me see that I come first.

I’ve never learned how to love myself and it’s starting to manifest right in front of me. My eyes are opening and I can see self growth and self awareness, and I have what it takes to conquer my self doubt.I know where all this empty void filling stems from, I always have. I just needed someone to help me put the pieces of the puzzle together. I urge any of my readers to seek therapy or counseling if they are able to. Just having someone to talk to helps and every session is worth it.

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