My Town. Story Time.

There was a woman outside of my Seffner publix, just driving around the parking lot. I was leaving with the few things I could afford, eggs, coffee, creamer, and that was it. I had just got done pulling out the rest of my cash for my “HOA fee” on the house I own before this incident, so I was already broke for the next month.

This woman yells “give me money so I can eat!”

I mean she actually yelled this at me as I was going to my car. I told her that I left with the only things I could afford for myself at the moment. I told her I was sorry. I actually even felt bad.

She sped off in her pick up truck after yelling, “you lying rich bitch!”

I don’t know what to make of that. I was already in such a hurry, feeling poor enough as it is and just trying to go home.

I lost it. I feel so strange.