Poetry From My Past (2)

We created something beautiful that needed to be cared for, we just forgot about it somehow and it was then neglected. It started dying, weeds started sprouting.

By the time we remembered what was so beautiful, all that was left was dead flowers overtaken by weeds, we tried to water it and save it.

You can’t water something dead and expect it to grow back overnight.

It won’t grow back ever. It’s impossible.

So how do you create something beautiful again, and actually care for it this time, still scared of the weeds that will inevitably come back.

What happened. Why did it become neglected and die?

Published by capricious.capo

I am diagnosed as Bipolar 1. I am an advocate for mental health awareness and have helped fundraise towards nonprofit organizations like NAMI. I write about my own personal struggles and success stories to help end a national stigma that hurts and alienates those who battle mental illness. Beyond fighting for mental health awareness, I am tech nerd, hair enthusiast, film buff and music lover. I love my family and support system with all my heart. I have green hair and tattoos because I want to. I’ve always stood out in one way or another. I studied photography and received an associates degree. I have my high school AP literature teacher to thank for inspiring me to pursue journalism, and for writing me a heartfelt letter of recommendation that I still have as a reminder. High school was a decade ago, but in times like these, Publishing an opinionated, personal and maybe controversial blog about living with a mood disorder seemed like a good enough start.

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