Requested: My Tattoos! Photos, Meanings, Etc.

IMG_0310 This piece was done on my side probably 2010-2011, they are lyrics from the band Underoath.  It says (in case you can’t read because of my body angled this way) “I stare at the wall, watching my time float away, It’s all been a blur and nothing will change…”  I relate to the words.  It may seem macabre, which it probably is, but for the majority of my life, this is how I have often felt.  “We walk alone”  is another part of the song.  I just really love this song, the band and I wanted a piece that I would relate to.  The puzzle pieces were done in 2009, they’re a yin yang type deal, also ode’ to my missing piece, that piece being blank. Eventually I want to get it filled in.  I’m just not sure what to put there yet.



The famous EST 1989 tattoo.  I got that very young, in 2008 when I was still 18, now everyone knows how old I am, hooray!  *facepalm*  The writing above says, “I was up above it, now I’m down in it”  Ironically, the Nine Inch Nails lyrics, from the album Pretty Hate Machine came out in 1989.  I was born when one of my favorite albums came out, not to mention, my favorite band.  The lyrics I think I got in 2010-2011.

IMG_4119My cover up of a cover up of a cover up half sleeve.  Yikes, in 2009, when I first got this, it looked like some squigly whack ass tribal…yeah.  I waited about 3 years before I could find someone who could make it look better.  It’s the beginning of my aquatic theme, love of Hawaii and bright colors.  So I don’t want to say it’s even completed.  It is what it is and I love it just the way it is.  He’s my little “sharky guy.  You can see more of this piece in the previous photo above.






This is another cover up tattoo. (My forearms) At first they were hideous “diamonds” I got in 2009.  I got them covered up in 2012.  The diamonds were outlined better, I allowed my tattoo artist to add some flare around them.  I said I wanted one that displayed beauty and the other displaying death.  Well, that’s what I got!  AND NO, it is not a blood diamond…It is just a blood splatter background.  The other one is a flower of some sort.



cropped-fullsizeoutput_f40-e1543512879305.jpegIMG_8129 It was hard to get a photo of this, it’s on my inner bicep.  I got it in 2015 as a filler tattoo for the empty space I had there.  I like to leave it up to the imagination, but it honestly has a lot to do with death, depression, sadness, etc.  I also like skulls.



IMG_0780IMG_9295My Mermaid!  I got my mermaid in 2013-2014 I think.  I love her so much.  I took two pictures because she wraps around my arm.  She makes me happy, as do all things aquatic.  Maybe I’m a mermaid, I definitely don’t relate to this world.




So… I have a mistake tattooed on the ditch of my knee… The lyrics are supposed to read If I would could you?  Thanks single needle, in home tattoo, drunk me.  From Alice in Chains, Would.








My “Famiglia” tattoo I got in 2011 I believe, it means family in Italian.  Most of my family is Italian, and family is very important to me.  The eye of Horus down there on my wrist is the first tattoo I ever got.  I got it before I left Hawaii.  I tried hiding this from my family for the longest time….didn’t work.  The eye is for protection.  Not to be, but easily mistaken for the eye of Ra.  I have the eye of Horus, not Ra.

IMG_4723 2IMG_3141My favorite tattoo starts on my butt.  The A is hidden under my butt cheek.  It says “A Hui Kaua” Hawaiian for “Until we meet again.  I have the yellow hibiscus flower and an interesting outline of the Hawaiian Islands chain.  I lived there through high-school.  I consider Hawaii to be where I grew up.  I learned a lot about myself there.  I got this tattoo in 2012.  I even went back to Hawaii to visit in 2016.  So we did meet again.  I even hung out with some of my best friends from High School.


IMG_9222MY HANDS.  My hands…oh hands.  I love skulls, I love roses.  I love skulls that look like a ship in the sunrise. I have a cross on my pinky for faith, a diamond (on my right hand) for my true love, for better and for worse to myself, the number 13 on my right and middle finger for my favorite number and it is also the day I was born.  Lucky number 13.  I had all this done in 2014.  I didn’t just go get hand tattoos before I had most of my arm done.


There are probably more.  Honestly, I’ll keep you updated.


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