Mental Health Day.

I am bipolar 1.

I was hospitalized when I was 18 during a manic episode in which I knew something was wrong, I just didn’t know what it was. I was scared, yet elated. I had extreme euphoria, I had not slept for days, I was constantly irritable, I spent everything I had and more. That’s all the details I’m going to discuss. It took years to understand what was wrong with me.

It was hard to accept that I had been diagnosed with an incurable mood disorder. I am glad that Bipolar Disorder and other mental health conditions can be treated by medication and a good support system. It took me a long time to get to the point to where I am now, stable and in control of my life.

Enough about me though. I don’t want to share the entire story. It’s long.

The mental health community includes some of the strongest people you will ever meet. We are extremely empathetic and compassionate. We ask that you take into consideration that we have a disability. Unfortunately it’s a disability that you can’t see. It’s very real, it’s hard to talk about without feeling judged which is just sad. I’ve been advocating for mental health for a reason. Better healthcare is needed for those who suffer, many suffer in silence because of the stigma they attach to themselves because they are ashamed of what society deems them to be.

We aren’t to blame for mass shootings. That. Is. So. Painful.

We struggle but we are strong as hell, we fight everyday to live meaningful lives, we are artists and free thinkers. We are humanitarians by nature because we know what it is like to feel pain. We advocate for ourselves in order to be seen as equal society members. We are not less than anyone else.

Just keep that in mind.

I have green hair because I like it, also because it is the color of the mental health awareness ribbon.