Art And Fear


BoatI am a stubborn “artist”. I have always enjoyed art.  I even went to college for Photography and Graphic Design immediately after high school.  I love what I create, but I’ve never thought about trying to sell anything until recently.  Mainly because I have always felt pushed to keep it to myself and go in a different, more conventional and “safer” career path.  I tried to work for the man, I even dropped out of college three times after I already had my degree.  Art is my niche and I want to start selling my work now.  I’ve convinced myself and I am comfortable. Creating is the only thing I love to do.  Art and fear no more.  I look forward to my endeavours.  



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    1. I caved due to the exhaustion that came with working there. I didn’t have any energy so I coudn’t focus on anything else. I just want to pursue my dreams now full time.


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