A Positive Update and Message.

I am truly thankful for everyone in my life, and everything that I have gone through which has led me to be the person I am today. It has never been easy to live with a mental illness, but I know how to do it now. Somewhat comfortably.

We need to end the stigma toward mental illness.

This is for all who suffer with a mental disorder.

Do not give up fighting and stay strong because you are stronger than you think.

Sometimes it will bring you down, if you allow it, but your tenacity and courage will pull you through your doubts. Your support system(s) will always be there for you. Your mental health means doing what’s best for you, no matter what anyone has to say. You live for yourself, no one else.

Live a peaceful and stress free life. You do not have to burden yourself by going along with society’s standards because it’s what is expected. Some of us just can’t. We get judged, but you know what? They have no idea what it is like to fight so hard every day just to lead a happy and semi normal life. We are “mind warriors.” We are empathetic and caring.

Life is wonderful, remember that and live exactly how you want without allowing yourself to be victimized by the stigma towards mental disorders. Look the other way.