How The Mental Health Stigma Makes Me Feel. For The Most Part.

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a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.
“the stigma of having gone to prison will always be with me”
synonyms: shamedisgracedishonor

Why do humans and animals find it necessary to evaluate those around them?  It is an understood notion that men evaluate other men and women evaluate other women, essentially sizing ourselves up, but that’s too broad of a topic right now. What I am getting at are some basic principles due to evolution.  There are countless basic issues as to why we need to asses others.  Such as, should I be afraid of this person, is this person a burden to society, is this person a burden to me or is this person a possible partner? 


Those are the basic instincts which are human.  These instincts are normal.  What happens when “instincts” go too far though?  

I think that humankind in is a serious dilemma.  We have become so self-absorbed, scared and most of all ignorant to anyone else other than ourselves.  We now lack compassion and understanding.  This is a flaw that hurts many people especially those with illnesses we can’t physically see.  

Society has stigmatized mental illness in many ways and it’s disgraceful.  Let me tell you why.  In the first paragraph, are any of those basic issues identifiable with mental illness? Absolutely not.  I am a partner, I am not to be feared, I am not a burden and I am not the horribly dressed, smelly, aggressive and disturbing being that evokes your disgust.  

This irrational fear you hold us to excludes us and discriminates us.  You sweep us under the rug and that needs to end now.  There are countless ways to change the ways of thinking about the mentally ill.  

Why is it so challenging?