Short Poem.

My fallacy in believing in my childish excuses was merely adding stress.

I have failed and been disappointed many times, but it led to my success.

I have succumbed to risky conduct and I almost lost my life.

I learned lessons and compassion, no longer carrying strife.

My life was in shambles, now I perceiver.

I lied to everyone I knew, now I’m sincere.

I apologize to the loved ones I’ve directly wronged.

If I stayed ignorant, the pain would have prolonged.

My moral compass has changed, my support system has prevailed.

If it were not for them, I would remain derailed.

I was hopeless and lifeless, that mind numbing sting.

I am now genuinely inspired by people, places and things.

I found something truly to be passionate about.

That passion is something I will never live without.


I will die continuously fighting a hateful stigma.

I will die being a compassionate soul.

I will die assisting others find their way.

I will die spreading the message of mental health importance.

I will die knowing I survived it.

I will die knowing that I always tried.

I will die fighting my own villain.

I will die knowing I stayed faithful.

I will die knowing I was honest.

Published by capricious.capo

I am diagnosed as Bipolar 1. I am an advocate for mental health awareness and have helped fundraise towards nonprofit organizations like NAMI. I write about my own personal struggles and success stories to help end a national stigma that hurts and alienates those who battle mental illness. Beyond fighting for mental health awareness, I am tech nerd, hair enthusiast, film buff and music lover. I love my family and support system with all my heart. I have green hair and tattoos because I want to. I’ve always stood out in one way or another. I studied photography and received an associates degree. I have my high school AP literature teacher to thank for inspiring me to pursue journalism, and for writing me a heartfelt letter of recommendation that I still have as a reminder. High school was a decade ago, but in times like these, Publishing an opinionated, personal and maybe controversial blog about living with a mood disorder seemed like a good enough start.

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  1. Your words are powerful and you express yourself so beautifully, Lisa. You are strong and courageous. Thank you for sharing your spirit of grace and perseverance with a hurting world. I love you! (Also, this poem is reminiscent of some of King David’s psalms.)

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