Music Is My World!

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Music is a very important part of my life.  It helps drown out negativity and makes me just want to jam, it’s truly my therapy and a passion .  Wether it’s my car, work or my house, I’m always listening to something.  These albums are in no specific order, just some albums I love and there are so many more, so I just kept it at 13.

So here are some of my favorite albums AND I WILL TELL YOU WHY!!!

Glass Animals – How To be A Human Being 

         how to be a human being  My sister actually introduced me to this album on a trip to Arizona.  This album is about humanity, in an interesting way.  The singer delivers great story telling lyrics in his acapella style voice.  The beats are awesome, I’ve never heard anything like it.  The album before this one, ZABA, is another great album from them, it’s just a tad bit smoother.  Although I love both of the albums, the jungle beats in How to Be a Human being take the cake.

2. Moderat – Moderat and albums I and II 

                    moderat a new errorI honestly love this electronic duo.  This stuff is almost chilling.  Some songs have lyrics and some don’t.  Bad Kingdom and A New Error are two of my favorite songs.  Again, nothing like I’ve heard from anyone else.




3. Death from Above 1979- Outrage! Is Now 

 outrage is nowI have loved the Canadian band Death From Above for YEARS and years, ever since they hit the radar about 15 years ago with You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine.  This album has more of a punch to it, talking about the pretentious youth of America.  I love it. 




4. Metronomy- The English Riviera 

         metronomy_the_english_riviera_cover_120mmsquare I found this hidden gem album a few years back even though it came out in 2011 I believe.  This English band almost reminds me of a 80’s new wave band.  There’s a lot of saxophones and keyboard and solid drum beats.  I really like the song The Bay, The Look and She Wants.  This album is seriously infectious.  I like dancing around to it.




5. Alt-J- This Is All Yours

        alt j A lot of people like this album.  Alt-J is an interesting band to where the lead singers voice is so strange that you can’t even make out what they’re saying.  I had to look up the lyrics, but the songs pull at the heartstrings, there are definitely a lot of heartbreaking songs on this albums.  Musically, it’s done very wells.





6. Bright Eyes – Fevers and Mirrors

       fevers and mirrors Me and Bright Eyes go way back.  My emo days right here.  Every song makes me cry, and if you don’t get the feels from some of these songs then there is something wrong with you.  The Calendar Hung Itself is a classic.  Conor Oberst brings a lot of emotion to Bright eyes, he has a very trembling voice, it almost sounds like he’s going to cry too.




7. Queens of the Stone Age- Rated R

      rated r I really like Queens of The Stone Age.  They’re just stoner rock.  The lead singer is awesome, the whole band is awesome.  Rated R is their most groovy album I think.





8. Tyler the Creator- Flower Boy

     flower boy  TYLER.  Ugh I love Tyler so much.  He is hilarious just as a person, he makes me laugh.  However when he put out this album, it was REAL.  He’s an emotional guy.  He raps about being lonely, being bored and even sad.  I was very impressed by how much emotion went into this record. (Side note: Igor just came out and I am obsessed with the lyrics about a tumultuous relationship coming to an end. Super real yet super weird.)

IGOR 2019




9. Sufjan Stevens- Illinoise

     illinoise Sufjan Stevens has a unique voice and folky sound.  He originally was actually going to make 50 albums for all of the states, but I guess that seemed too daunting (duh) and he made one more about Michigan which is pretty good too.  This album is full of instruments and folk galore it’s wonderful.  I’ve loved Sufjan since high school.




10. James Blake- Overgrown

     overgrown James Blake has an amazing voice, he also produces his music and other artists as well.  The song retrograde is among the best songs on here.






11. Interpol- Antics

    anticsHands down one of my most listened to albums I own.  I love Paul Banks’ Voice so much.  The song Take You on a Cruise is my favorite.  Their sound is very catchy to me.






12. Banks & Steelz- Anything But Words

  banks and steelzThis is a very unique and catchy album.  It features Paul Banks of Interpol, and RZA of the Wu Tang Clan.  I have to say that they make quite a pair.  This is the only collaboration record they have ever released.  I wish they’d do another one!  Every song on here is good.




13. Nine Inch Nails- The Downward Spiral

   the downward spiral Last but not least, The Downward Spiral.  This is one of my top 5 albums.  It’s industrial and full of angst.  I am obsessed with the noisy songs and lyrics about everything macabre.  Trent Reznor is one of my heroes, just because he paved the way for a lot of industrial bands.  Obviously, NIN is the best.  Sadly, they aren’t as good as they used to be.  This album gets me pumped lol.

What is some of your favorite music and why?  What speaks to you?