Loving Yourself.

cropped-heart2.jpgWhen you uncover the ideation about who you think you are, you will find your true self, and that is love.  There is nothing more important than self-care, in my opinion. We have one life to live, and living behind a facade of vein or a misguided ego doesn’t allow for lasting relationships with anyone, let alone yourself.  You will eventually become, numb, bitter, withdrawn, etc.  There is a difference between being selfish and being selfish if you know what I mean.  Self care and setting healthy boundaries are a good type of “selfishness”, while the negative selfishness is usually all about personal gain at the expense of others (you might not even realize you’re doing it too)

Learn to be happy alone, give yourself a break and stop being so hard on yourself.  Stop needing to be out in the social scene at all times in the fear of missing out.  You will only miss out on yourself.  Look in the mirror and do this: write positive affirmations on post it notes like, “Hello beautiful!” or “You have a great sense of humor!” Seriously, it works.  Every morning when you wake up, these little self-love notes will be there to remind you of how wonderful you are.  It probably seems cheesy to some of you, but don’t knock it until you try it!


Getting to know yourself and actually being in a truly comfortable state of mind makes all the difference.  It isn’t something that needs to be forced either, it literally takes time and some mindfulness.  Remember it is not selfish to care about yourself and your own needs.  

Forgive yourself for past mistakes, let go of regret and don’t betray your integrity.  If you keep looking at the past, you will never move forward and gain positive progression.  In showing compassion for yourself, you will naturally become compassionate and kind to others.  Then there is that saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” When you treat others with disrespect, condescendence and impertinence, that actually will all deflect onto you.

Let go of all of the negativity in your life. Do you!  Seriously all you have to do is whatever makes you happy!  Bust out those paintbrushes, draw, learn a new craft, find a new job.  Those are just some examples on how to compartmentalized your mind.  Trust me, you will feel better, and when you feel better about yourself you are more inclined to be there for others.  When you can be honestly present for others, you will eventually like yourself more and you might even end up loving yourself;



And that is beautiful.

Self love is true happiness.

Developing a sense of accomplishment and a sense of pride in what you do in your life even if it’s something small, and really believing in your heart that you have confidence, grace and internal beauty, you will learn that you are capable of really loving others as well.

I can’t stress this enough,

Love yourself first.

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I am diagnosed as Bipolar 1. I am an advocate for mental health awareness and have helped fundraise towards nonprofit organizations like NAMI. I write about my own personal struggles and success stories to help end a national stigma that hurts and alienates those who battle mental illness. Beyond fighting for mental health awareness, I am tech nerd, hair enthusiast, film buff and music lover. I love my family and support system with all my heart. I have green hair and tattoos because I want to. I’ve always stood out in one way or another. I studied photography and received an associates degree. I have my high school AP literature teacher to thank for inspiring me to pursue journalism, and for writing me a heartfelt letter of recommendation that I still have as a reminder. High school was a decade ago, but in times like these, Publishing an opinionated, personal and maybe controversial blog about living with a mood disorder seemed like a good enough start.

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