Communication Breakdown.

I am not using this disorder as a crutch or an excuse for my behavior and I never will.  I take full responsibility for myself.  That being said, treat people how you expect to be treated.  In my experience, it takes so much out of me to do or say the right things because I don’t have a “what is rational on and off switch” I have had to train myself to be able to beat my brain into submission.cropped-brokenglass1.jpg

I mean, there are so many things I could say that I just don’t, there are also things I do or say that I shouldn’t, but I accidentally do it anyways.  That is where I am sorry. 

No one has an excuse to treat someone how they want to.  You aren’t always right, you aren’t always the one who knows everything, you don’t get to raise your voice when something upsets you and your bad temper is never going to be tolerated by anyone.

This all comes with growth, compassion and understanding of 1: the human psyche, 2: do the right thing and 3: respect people’s boundaries and emotions.

Communication is not an easy concept to master, but it gets easier when you try to understand.

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