Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid. (rant)

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Note:  I’m ok this is a rant from a while back that I feel is important.

Dear mental health stigmatizing society,

Do you really think it’s that easy for me to just snap out of an episode or a bad situation which inevitably caused me to have an even harder time?  You are so very, sadly mistaken.  I’m not normal, so don’t tell me that this bad situation is simple to overcome, or it’s just something small and irrelevant.  That really fucking pisses me off.

Also, if you have made the conscious decision to love me no matter what, through the thick and thin, sometimes it really does not feel like it when you try and change my perspective to yours.  Your perspective won’t fix me or cure my mood.  It won’t change my episode, it will actually make it a lot worse when you say something asinine like “change your attitude, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, that’s the past so just continue living and move on.”  I’m Bipolar, not a dumbass.  Also, thank you for pushing me away.  I don’t want anything to do with you at this moment in time. I will shut down because you obviously don’t understand and how can I expect you to? You don’t have this, which annoys me to, you can’t put yourself in my shoes. You just think I’m crazy. When I say I try, I mean I’m trying and fighting with all I have to beat this disorder.

So do you really think you’ve done all the research about this illness, and you have seen how detrimental this disorder can be for all of us who suffer? Isn’t it hard enough for the average person to change their attitude when overcoming obstacles?  Congratulations, you got your shit together, good job.  Do you want a cookie?

It is counterproductive and idiotic to tell me to stop focussing on the negatives.  I already know that, I’ve tried that.  You don’t think I’ve already figured out that you think it’s all in my head sometimes?  All you have done is signify yet another shortcoming to add to my shitty chemical imbalance, and it’s one of the hardest mental illnesses to deal with which  in fact I never asked for.  50% of people struggling with Bipolar Disorder have attempted suicide.  That’s just the beginning of the horrific statistics.

Does that cross your average mind?  Have you researched enough?  I don’t think you have.

When you love someone with Bipolar Disorder, or claim that you understand mental health, cut it out with the insensitive comments and offering your unwanted “help” and “guidance” You just made me feel worse about what I already know and can’t always control. 

Side note: A lot of Bipolar people are more intelligent than your average joe.  

We think a lot.

*Now I am speaking on my behalf and the behalf of other’s who struggle with being stigmatized.  In no way am I a danger to myself or others, this is just a rant.  It is also a post from a very frustrating day a while back*