The Blame Game.

This post pertains to Bipolar individuals and the general public as well, sometimes we need some insight.

Some people live miserably because life isn’t what they initially thought it would be like when they were still growing up.  Some people blame their setbacks on the universe and everyone they’ve been close with.  They tend to look at the wrong side of things.  They just won’t own up to taking responsibility for how their life has turned out.  They say that life just gave them a bad hand.  I say, some people just have a terrible attitude.  This can lead to lack of ambition or even setting goals.  This inevitably will lead to major depression.

The issue is that a lot of people don’t know how to turn their dreams into reality because they give up any positivity and lose sight of goal setting.  Lacking ambition due to dwelling on the past, how someone treated you or what you should or shouldn’t have done or aren’t doing will make your life feel empty; And that is as long as you let your negative thinking consume you.  People will then often find comfort in destructive behaviors and distractions at any cost  in order to avoid the misery.  This behavior will eventually make you feel worse.


If you want to live with any purpose and ambition, realize what it is that you want.  Consider how much you want to set specific goals and why you want it.  Stop avoiding goal setting by sailing through life and blaming others for your misfortunes.  Come up with a plan so you can get unstuck and live the happy life you deserve.


Lists.  I cannot stress enough how writing goals down will help you follow through.