Medications, Pharmacies and Doctors, OH MY.

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I used to get my meds tweaked and a lot. I blame most of that on me just being young and, sadly, a lot of psychiatrists are pill pushing because of Big Pharma.  I was put on benzodiazepines and ADD meds without a bag of an eye from my previous doctors. I was only 17 when I was prescribed klonopin 6mg a day as

needed for anxiety. I did not know benzodiazepines were dangerous and nearly impossible (I’ve tried numerous times) to stop. The withdrawals are unbearable.

I have taken every medication for bipolar, ADD, anxiety and insomnia. Name it, I’ve taken it.

Once I got older I realized I had to take control of what I was letting doctors just hand out to me, then stating the meds were “safe”. Lithium is not safe. Adderall Is not safe. Benzodiazepines – most unsafe.

Pill Bottles

We also can’t rely solely on psychiatric medications to cure our illness. We have to do the internal work on ourselves as well. I still take medications, but I take half of what I used to. I researched better psychiatrists that actually care about their patients well-being.

Just a thought.