Life is what you make it, no matter if you’re sick or not.  It is unfortunate that society still has a stigma attached to mental health.  Being diagnosed as bipolar, life literally can have its’ ups and downs.  I used to constantly wonder how I was going to live my life with what I saw as a death sentence and  the more I stayed stuck in that mind frame, the harder life became.

As I grew older, wiser, along with trying to get rid of as much stress as possible, I found the courage to to climb out of my dark downward spiral by turning this diagnosis into an opportunity for growth.  I keep my head up, I teach, learn, I work with people with similar conditions, educate  family members and friends and live a productive lifestyle.  I love everything and everyone in my life with all of my heart.  I won’t be robbed of my happiness anymore.  The illness doesn’t go away, but it doesn’t have to take you down.  Welcome to my world!